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CSF (8132) VAG MQB All-Aluminum Quadruple Pass DSG Cooler/Heat Exchanger



  • 2-row 42mm Core with CSF B-Tube Technology
  • Quadruple Pass Design
  • Removable metal Rock Guard
  • Flow Area Increase = 42%
  • Heat Rejection Increase = 36%
  • CNC machined brackets and fittings for superb fitment and durability
  • Fits both Left Side (DSG transmission heat exchanger) and Right Side (Auxiliary Engine Water)

A high performance / race-grade, all-aluminum, quadruple-pass DSG transmission water-to-oil heat exchanger. This new component is multi-fit that can also be installed (with no modifications) as an upgraded auxiliary radiator for maximum cooling performance. (CSF #8132)


  • 8X S1
  • 8V S3
  • 8S TT (2.0TSi)
  • MK7 Golf R
  • 5F Leon Cupra

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