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CP Forged Pistons for Mazda Miata BPZ3 with 3.287"/83.5mm bore size (+0.5mm), 9.0 comp. ratio

CP Pistons


Mazda - Miata BPZ3 with 3.287 inches/83.5mm +0.5mm bore size, 1.208 comp. height; 9.0 compression ratio

CP Pistons Forged 2618 Pistons for the Mazda Miata BPZ3 are designed for maximum performance and horsepower. Each piston is designed to withstand the intense heat and pressures of high compression normally aspirated and high boost turbocharged or supercharged motors. The 3.287 (83.5mm) bore with 9.0:1 compression ratio is best suited for turbocharged, supercharged, or nitrous applications. Each piston is capable to hold up to 250 horsepower per cylinder. (with upgraded 9310 wrist pins) Build your Miata BPZ3 with CP Pistons and experience the closest tolerances in the industry with consistent and reliable performance that leads the industry.

Fully CNC machined - Advanced machining techniques enable CP to virtually create any shape on a piston and allows CP to hold the closest tolerances in the industry.
Balanced to +/- 1 gram - Properly balanced pistons are essential to high horsepower and high rpm applications.
Accommodates high lift camshafts - CP pistons are already designed for high lift camshafts.
Valve reliefs fit oversized valves - CP Pistons are designed to be compatible with other internal upgrades.
Double forced pin oilers - Used with dual fed reservoir add twice the amount of oil from the cylinder wall to the wrist pin.
Accumulator Grooves - V-shaped groove machined into the second ring land to collect excess gases during combustion and alleviate ring flutter. This allows CP Pistons to provide maximum ring seal and increasing vacuum.
Forged from high strength 2618 Alloy - Using the highest quality materials and thoroughly researched designs ensures maximum strength and durability.

Sold as a set.

Pictures are for reference only.

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