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🏁 Race to EDO Performance to supercharge your savings on high-performance auto parts, fluids, and accessories! 🚗💨

BMC (FB750/04) High Performance Air Filter for Porsche Boxster, Spyder, Cayman 2012+

SKU BMC-FB750/04
by BMC
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  • The panel / cylindrical air filter is commonly referred to as "replacement air filter". It is installed in the vehicle's original airbox to replace the OEM air filter. It is made of highly performing materials that allow an increased air flow combined with a more efficient filtration, guaranteeing containment of all impurities from as small as 7 microns (compared to OEM's 10 microns).

    This chart has a pure illustrative purpose and does not refer to the present filter.

    BMC air filters are produced using a "Full Moulding" system that enables the characteristic red filter to be realized from a single mould with no welded joints thus avoiding easy breakage. The rubber used in BMC air filtering systems has a long life, is very durable and has optimum adhesion characteristics to all shapes of airboxes.

    BMC filters are made of a multi-layered cotton gauze soaked with low viscosity oil covered with an epoxy coated alloy mesh to ensure protection from petrol fumes and oxidization due to air humidity.

    All BMC air filters are pre-oiled, and they can be washed and regenerated by using the appropriate BMC regeneration kit.
  • Filters are constructed using a process called "Full Moulding" developed by the BMC F1 R&D team
  • BMC air filters are designed and produced to ensure a higher air flow than OEM air filters
  • The filtering material is composed of a special cotton gauze soaked with low-viscosity oil to give you the best air permeability
  • BMC Air Filters are washable and reusable, perfect for high performance applications

Filter Material: Oiled Cotton Gauze

Washable: Yes

Warranty: 2 Years limited

Package Content: 1 Air Filter

OEM Cross Reference: PORSCHE 98111013000

EAN: 8055732590703

Package Contents: 2 Air filters

Model HP Chassis Year
718 (981) 2.7 H6 Boxster [Full Kit] 265 - 2012 > 2016
718 (981) 2.7 H6 Cayman [Full Kit] 275 - 2012 > 2016
718 (981) 3.4 H6 Boxster GTS [Full Kit] 330 - 2014 > 2016
718 (981) 3.4 H6 Boxster S [Full Kit] 315 - 2012 > 2016
718 (981) 3.4 H6 Cayman GTS [Full Kit] 340 - 2014 > 2016
718 (981) 3.4 H6 Cayman S [Full Kit] 325 - 2012 > 2016
718 (981) 3.8 H6 Boxster Spyder [Full Kit] 375 - 2015 > 2016
718 (981) 3.8 H6 Cayman GT4 [Full Kit] 385 - 2015 > 2016
718 (982) 4.0 H6 Boxster GTS [Full Kit] 400 - 2020 >
718 (982) 4.0 H6 Cayman GT4 [Full Kit] 420 - 2019 >
718 (982) 4.0 H6 Spyder [Full Kit] 420 - 2019 >

In general, vehicles such as car or motorcycles require a total particle filtration efficiency up to a minimum size of 10 microns, to avoid any risk of passage of foreign objects that may damage the mechanical components downstream of the intake system (Air Flow Sensors, injectors, valves and segments). OEM air filters are made of paper and their main function is to protect the engine. These filters have high resistance to the air flow, which reduces the inlet pressure and reduces the engine's performance. BMC's air filters provide a considerably greater air flow. Furthermore, compared to a conventional paper filter, which at the time of maintenance must be replaced, the BMC air filter (being reusable) has a life equal to that of the vehicle itself. Another type of air filters on the market are synthetic filters, which BMC has produced for years only for non-road applications. The main difference between the BMC oiled cotton filters and filters made of synthetic material (for example plastic canvas) is the principle of impurities stoppage. The synthetics allow passage of particles in the size of the micro-filter material: it follows that a filter with 80 micron holes allows the passage of all items below that size, stopping only particles larger than the size of the hole (an example: the sand has a size of about 50 microns). The cotton has a larger plot, which favors the passage of a large flow of air and through the combination of different layers containing oil, ensure the stoppage of all the impurities from 7 microns up. To date, this concept is the best solution for both better filtration and higher performances.