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Blitz Solenoid Boost Controller Spec S

Blitz Performance


The Blitz Single Solenoid Boost Controller R (SBC Spec R) has a built-in boost gauge, peak boost display, four different boost settings, boost warning, scramble boost, and a boost limiter safety feature to prevent over-boosting. The SBC Spec S uses a single solenoid design for boost response, capable of handling boost up to 1.2 bar (17 psi). The SBC Spec S is 1/4 Din size and is campatible with internal actuators and external waste-gates. The difference between the DSBC Spec R and Spec S is the solenoid design - Spec R uses a "dual solenoid" while the Spec S utilizes a " single solenoid" design.

Type: Single Solenoid

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