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AMS Small Battery Kit with Battery, Terminals and Mounting Tray (EVO VIII/IX)



The AMS EVO VII/VIII/IX Small Battery Kit replaces your heavy factory battery with a lightweight race battery. This kit significantly reduces weight and frees up space for our free flowing upper intercooler pipe. Our high quality components guarantee long life and the battery itself will have no trouble starting your vehicle in harsh conditions. The tray included is TIG welded by hand using high grade aluminum and the battery is topped off with a CNC'd AMS tie down plate. All factory mounting points are used making installation simple. While it can be used in cars with mild stereo upgrades its not ideal for high output stereo systems.


Effortless install uses factory mounting points
Entire kit weighs 15lbs. lowering overall weight
High quality, long life, car starts every time
Custom AMS battery tie down plate

Kit Includes

AMS small battery
Aluminum AMS battery tie down plate
Zinc plated tie down hooks to prevent rusting over time
Nylon washers to keep the hardware from scratching the anodized tie down plate
Durable non slip battery pad to keep the battery in place and protected
Wing nuts for an easy install and removal
Adjustable for use with almost all small batteries


680 cranking amps
Short circuit current over 1800A
25 minute reserve capacity with 25amp load
Length 7 1/16"
Width 2 15/16"
Height 7 3/16"
Weight 14.6 lbs


Mitsubishi Evolution VII, VIII & IX
Fits USDM, JDM, and European Models


Batteries ship pre-torqued to spec. Small batteries will fail if the posts are not torqued to 50 lb/in., additional torque will cause damage to your battery.
This kit will NOT fit with stock air box.

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