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AMS Sleeved Block, No internals w/ larger 1/2 head studs - With core sup. (EVO X)



Each AMS block starts with a stock 4B11 core. First the block is machined down until the OEM cylinder liners are no more. During this process precise measurements are taken to ensure that there is no structural disruption of the cylinder block. After removing all of the necessary material and machining a step at the top of the bore a final inspection is done to ensure no block distortion. From here ERL then installs proprietary ductile iron sleeves. The sleeves are pressed into the block to sit on top of the machined step. This ensures they will not sink during engine operation. Once in place the new sleeves are machined a few thousands above the rest of the deck surface. This acts much in the way an O-ring does on a closed deck block and allows for a tighter sealing surface between the block, head gasket and head. From here each block is cross hatched and gets its customer chosen final bore size. One of the last steps involves installing a set of AMS spec main studs and align honing the main journals to allow for perfect fitment. Align honing is crucial as it ensures everything lines up correctly even after the machining process.

As you can see its a pretty involved process but when its all said and done you have yourself a pretty stout shortblock capable of taking a great deal of HP.

If you do not wish to send in a core to have machined then there will be an additional $1534.00 for a new OEM 4B11 block. You are also given the option of choosing any bore size between 86mm and 88mm based on your needs.

We will be offering built short blocks in the future but for those Do-It-Yourself guys out there we thought it would be a beneficial to offer the possibility of choosing your own internals.

Please call to order.

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