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AMS Front Mount Intercooler with Modular Cast End Tanks (EVO X)



The AMS EVO X Front Mount Intercooler is a direct bolt on utilizing your stock piping and mounting points with purpose built end tanks for the EVO X. This intercooler has over 80% more internal flow area than its stock counterpart. Our stock EVO X gained 10 Wheel horsepower over the stock core just by bolting it on, without even re-tuning the ECU!

We tested many intercooler cores before finding the best performing core available. The bar and plate style core is 12.4" tall, 20" wide and 3.625" thick flowing 1250 cfm. The same durable, race proven intercooler core we used on our record setting Time Attack EVO, proven efficient to 650 whp

Exclusive Features

Direct factory replacement with NO cutting or trimming required
Adds 10 whp WITHOUT re-tuning the ECU
80% more flow area over stock
Bolts right up to the stock piping
Utilizes the factory intercooler hangers along with added supports
Radiused outlet for smooth air-flow and improved efficiency
UNLIKE OTHER AFTERMARKET INTERCOOLERS, the AMS unit incorporates an angled inlet just like the factory for a proper fit with the intercooler piping
All AMS intercoolers are pressure tested after assembly to 50 psi


12.4" tall, 20" wide (32" with end tanks and bracket) and 3.625" thick
1250 cfm flow and only 1 psi pressure drop at 650 whp


Available with or without an AMS logo stenciled on the core


Mitsubishi Evolution X GSR and MR Models
Fits all USDM, JDM and European Models

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