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Agency Power Titanium Exhaust Burnt Tips Porsche 997 GT3 GT3RS 07-12

Agency Power


Exhaust tips, suprisingly, arent just for looks. Sure, they define how your exhaust appears to anyone checking out your car, and you can tell a stock exhaust from a performance exhaust just from the exhaust tips. But getting the right tips is important. Having a performance exhaust allows your engine to breathe better, pushing hot air out faster and in greater quantities. All of us have seen the burnt rear bumpers or diffusers on cars, titanium exhaust tips help prevent that. On top of that, making sure the tips are far enough away from the bumper is also helpful. And lastly, titanium is a fraction of the weight steel is, while still maintining strength. As if all of that wasnt enough, they just look amazing.


  • Weigh only 1.15lbs
  • 76mm Opening
  • Burnt Blue Finish

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